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“Dear Dr. Aufseeser,
I would like very much to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your excellent care of my foot that became infected after surgery. I realize that this is a little after the fact, but as you may recall, I not only was still recovering from open heart surgery, but I also had a death in the family – so please accept this belated heartfelt thanks for your care.

To refresh your memory, I had undergone a triple by-pass procedure, and the ara of my leg that was used to acquire the veins for the by-pass had become severely infected. I had already visited the Surgeon’s office for the third time in as many weeks but had not been healed. After visiting your office for the first time, I began to see an immediate improvement. I had already been given antibiotics by the Surgeon’s staff, but after your flushing of the ound from deep down inside the leg and then your subsequent application of your wonderful healing “Regenicel” preparation, I could finally put my foot on the floor without excruciating pain. As a matter of record I was walking without any pain within two weeks even though I continued to apply the ointment until all signs of the wound was healed.

Again, I want to thank you personally and commend your excellent staff for their comfort and support during my time of suffering and pain. As you may recall, I am diabetic and was fearful of losing my leg, making me a very relieved man when the healing process started.”

-James C., NJ

“Dear Dr. Aufseer,
I am writing in reference to a medicine I received from you labeled Regenicel cream that came in a jar. I was highly impressed with this medicinal treatment.

Let me first mention, I have had some experience years ago working as a Licensed Practical Nurse in the state of NJ. During that period, I had taken care of numerous patients with decubitus ulcers, often with a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus. Their wounds were often very complicated and healed very slow, and some did not heal at all. I had treated the patients following doctors’ order with multiple treatments, ointments, crams, dressings, soaks, heating lampts, et. According to wathever was prescribed. I mention this because I sincerely feel that your Regenicel cream is the best product I have ever used.

This past year after using it on my own two persisten sounds, I noted the Regenicel had the medicinal asset at both cleaning out the wounds, and healing them in a reasonable period of time. Both comfortably and safely.

Last fall I had developed 3 diabetic ulcers on the bottom of my foo, (right) that were persisten and painful. Two had healed slowly; however, the third did not heal and had an infected area with a lerger tunneled opening underneath the skin both infected with MERSA and surrounded by massive callous. The wound had not responded to any medical treatments ordered prior to my seeing you around the end of February, or beginning of March. I also had edematous draining legs.

After several months of debridements perioudically, a short course of antibiotic thereapy, and the constant daily application of the Regenicel Cream to the diatbetic wound, this persistent ulcer finally healed. As of the middle of July, this area finally healed. I was very grateful for the benefit of this product, and again very impressed with its healing ability, especially under the circumstances. As you are aware, I am diabetic, have fallen arches, multiple complicated health problems, and also, immunity, and blood problems that compromise my healing capacity. The Regenicel was great, and I was very amazed by its healing components.

I was even more amazed by the Regenicel naturally both debriding and healing an abdominal burn in a short period of time.

If you remember, while I was seeing you, I had an accident and burned my abdomen. I have a massive ventral incisional irreducible hernia with peripheral blood vessels, and I also suffer from colitis complicated by massive adhesions, and post-vagotomy diarrhea and dumping syndrome. The abdominal pain at time can be very bad.
One night I had placed an amply moist heating pad on my abdominal around the rea of the hernia. Unfortunately, although it was not on high, due to my poor medical condition, I sustained a bad burn. The burn was approximately the size of a quarter, blisted badly and charred deeply. It was a third degree burn. The first week, I had been applying prescribed Silverden Ointment, which did not seem to be helping me. When I saw you for my ft., you had advised I try the Regenicel. In about 7 – 10 days the deeply crusted area loosened, and fell off. The cream naturally debrided the bad area and the wound immediately began to heal. It healed fairly quickly, and the scar appears to be comparably faded to a scar a couple of years healing, not a new one. Regenicel healed the wound very well.

Regenicel is a great product. I feel that many patients will benefit from its use. I as very llucky to have found your Wound Care Center.
Thank you for your assistance. Best wishes.”

-Sandra Lee N.